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Gramm Straps


The famous Gramm-Tourpacking straps. Super highend quality straps made by swedish company Arno Remmen. Simply the best straps you can get. Strap your bags, strap sixer's on to your rack, leash your dog, tow your car, secure your baggy pants...you can never have enough of them!

Fern Fahrräder sind Flo Haeussler und Phillip Zwanzig aus Berlin Lichtenberg. 
Fern baut Maßrahmen, veröffentlicht Fotoreisebücher, verkauft Shirts und vieles Anderes Rund um die Marke "Fern Fahrräder".

Fern Bicycles are Flo Haeussler and Phillip Zwanzig from Berlin Lichtenberg, Germany.
Fern builds custom frames, released travelphotobooks, sells shirts and many other thinks about the label "Fern Bicycles".